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Covenant House Academy (CHA)-Detroit is committed to providing quality instructional programs and related services to students with an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) ages 16-26. Services and supports include, but are not limited to: academics, school social work,  comprehensive psychological evaluations, speeck therapy and assistance with post-secondary goals. Students participate in general education classes 80% of the school day with guidance from both the Special and General Education Teachers. Students also receive accommodations and modifications per their IEP in addition to personalized instructional support for classwork assignments, quizzes and tests.

Additionally, many of the special education students partake in an Evidence BAsed Literacy Instructional program (EBLI) at Covenant House Academy-Detroit, in an effot to build phonemic awareness and comprehension skills, while simultaneously applying a variety of reading strategies. Students also receive an elective credit for the ELBI course.

Special Education Teachers and Ancillary Support Staff at Covenant House Academy-Detroit are highly qualified skilled professionals in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Impairment, Emotional Impairment, Otherwise Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disability and Traumatic Brain Injury. Importantly, under the Child Find mandate, Covenant House staff members work diligently with families. the community, public schools and agencies to identify, locate and evaluate students who are suspected of having a disability. This includes students who are homeless, transient, migrant and wards of the state.

Staff Members also participate in quarterly Professional Development Workshops for Public School Academies (PSAs) through Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (WCRESA) as well as CHA-Detroit District In-Services, to maintain Special Education compliance and become more effective leaders and instructors in the classroom.

Covenant House Academy-Detroit encompasses three service locations (Central, East, and Southwest) with a range of one to two Academic Resource Support Teachers at each site. Ancillary Support consists of contractual staff members. This includes a full time district Social Worker (Support Management Services, LLC) together with part-time School Psychologists and a Speech Pathologist (Massenberg and Associates, LLC).

Equally important, at CHA-Detroit, Special Education Students are administered the Accucess and Brigance Inventory of Basic Skills II Assessments upon enrollment to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Based on student results, the Academic Resource Support Teachcrs customize student instruction and also develop goals and objectives to meet the individual service needs of each pupil. The STAT-R Transition Assessment tool is also given to students with the goal to improve post-secondary outcomes for individuals with disabilities in the areas of higher education or vocational training, employment and independent living.

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