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Cesar Becerra, 20

At 20 years old Cesar Becerra chose to complete his high school diploma. “I was being lazy, skipping classes and not putting forth an effort. But here, you can work at your own pace and I realize that I do have to put forth the effort. The opportunity for me to succeed is not given to me. Next fall when he graduates from high school, Cesar is going to enroll in college to become a physical therapist. “I want to succeed in life; I want to better myself, that’s why I am here.”

Kyra Mayberry, 18

With both parents being high school drop outs, Kyra faced a lot of pressure to finish school. The pressure, mixed with her not getting what she needed before lead Kyra to enroll at Covenant House Academy.

“I didn’t feel like the teachers cared so I stopped caring,” she said. “But I am getting my classes done here, and I graduate in August.”

After hearing about Covenant House Academies through a former teacher, Kyra enrolled. Now she is excelling and on her way to being a high school graduate. Already, Kyra has applied to college and is awaiting an acceptance letter. Her plans are to major in Business Management and Global Supply Marketing. She will open a hair salon for people who are losing their hair due to alopecia, leukemia or any other disease.

“I don’t like to see people like that; I like to see people happy.”

Janette Abrams, 18

When Janette’s foster parents kicked her out in February, she didn’t have a place to live. She moved to Detroit from Inkster to find her biological father. Her credits were behind in school and she had already decided not to finish. But she heard about Covenant House Academy and decided to enroll.

“I am becoming a stronger person here,” she said. I gave up, but coming here shows me that I have a chance at life – it’s not over for me.” With a new lease on life, Janette, plans to enroll in college to become a social worker. She will graduate in 2011 and she has reunited with her biological father. “I really do have a chance – that’s what this has shown me.”

Christina Browder, 17

At 17 years old, Christina Browder enrolled in Covenant House Academy to increase her credits. She had fallen behind and wanted to catch up. When she enrolled, Browder had credits as though she were a freshman, now one year later, she is back on track with plans to graduate next year. “I have gained a lot of maturity since being here,” she said. “Before coming here I focused on other things and not on school. I couldn’t handle situations very good, I was very petty and immature, but I have grown a lot now.” What she likes most is the environment – being able to complete her classes where she’s getting the needed support.

“Here it’s friendly and everyone knows each other. We all want to see each other graduate and help one another. And the staff has helped me when I have had some problems. It’s nice to have that support – even when the problems were about stuff at home.”

Michael Poston, 19

Running with the wrong crowd kept Michael Poston in trouble. He dropped out of school and was headed down the wrong path. When Posten decided that he wanted to more with his life, he enrolled in Covenant House Academy – East. “My family doesn’t have a very high level of education. Now, I feel like I am going to accomplish something in my immediate family when I get my high school diploma.” What Posten enjoys the most about being in school is the help he gets. “I get a lot of assistance; the staff is very helpful for me. I have learned that if you get on the right track, the doors will open for you.

Now, after graduation in December 2011, Posten is planning to either go to the Air Force or become a massage therapist. “I feel like I have a chance to have a better life, I can complete what I started which is getting my high school diploma. I wasn’t focused, I was being influenced.”

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