Since Covenant House Michigan’s (CHM) inception in 1997, the organization has tried to address the dropout epidemic by providing GED preparation at its three community service centers. In 2005, CHM partnered with Detroit Public Schools to open three charter schools to offer dropouts and at-risk youth a second chance to obtain their high school diploma rather than a GED.
Today, the Covenant House Academy (CHA) consists of four alternative charter schools that function as a “district”, and are authorized by Grand Valley State University (GVSU). The academies were operated their first five years (2005 – 2010) by a for-profit, out-of-state educational management company (White Hat Management). In July of 2010, the academies were re-authorized by DPS, this time under Youth Vision Solutions (YVS), a brand new non-profit, Detroit-based educational management company. Covenant House Academies are authorized to each serve up to 500 high school students.
The parent company of YVS is Covenant House Michigan (CHM), a non-profit shelter agency for youth ages 18 to 24. The stated purpose of YVS is “to provide education management services to charter schools for children and youth who have previously been school dropouts, who are homeless or who are otherwise at risk.” Therefore, by definition, the three Covenant House Academy Boards of Education and YVS exist to serve a population of students that upon enrollment are already deemed academically, socially and psychologically at risk. The CHA district doesn’t view these characteristics as ultimately defining for students, but as opportunities to provide for educational needs where other settings have failed.

Our Management Company

Youth Vision Solutions (YVS), Inc., is a Michigan nonprofit corporation that provides education management services to charter schools for children and youth who have previously dropped out, are homeless or otherwise at risk. YVS’ purpose is based on the belief that all children and youth have a right to decent living conditions, suitable education and supplemental services delivered with respect and genuine concern.
In serving such youth, YVS supplements its education services by providing, where necessary, food, clothing, shelter, counseling, job development and access to health care. YVS collaborates with community agencies and associations and actively participates in community efforts to improve the condition of families and children. YVS advocates with and on behalf of youth to raise awareness in the community about their needs.

Board Members

  • William Matthews (Board Chair) Plante & Moran (retired)
  • John Axe Axe and Ecklund, PC
  • Mary Kummer Naber CSI Pace
  • William W. Phillips, Jr. Ford Motor Company (retired)
  • Thomas M. Smith taktikz, Inc.

 Management Agreement - Covenant House Academy - Detroit

 Management Agreement - Covenant House Academy - Grand Rapids

 Charter Contract and Service Provider Agreement



Mr. Nathaniel King

Principal, Detroit, East Campus

  (313) 267.4315

Ms. Anna West

Principal, Detroit, Central Campus

  (313) 899.6900

Mr. Eric George

Principal, Detroit,Southwest Campus

  313-297-8720, 313-297-8730

Ms. Doreen Mangrum

Principal, Grand Rapids

  (616) 364-2000

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