Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a cost to attend Covenant House Academy?
No, Covenant House Academy is free to all students.
Do I have to live in Detroit or Grand Rapids to attend Covenant House Academy?
How long will I be in school and can I choose my own schedule?
Can I get help if I plan to go to college?
Do I have to attend school every day?
When does school start?
When can I graduate?
Will I have a prom and graduation?
Will I have to participate in community service for credits?
If my classes are self-paced, will I still have a teacher?
Do I need to have a laptop or computer at home to be a student?
Is Covenant House Academy only for homeless students or students who have dropped out or have been kicked out of other schools?
How do I get tutoring services for my son or daughter?

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Covenant House Academy is an alternative charter school enrolling more than 1,000...

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