Life After High School Program

Life After High School Program

Our Mission of the “Life After High School” Program is to design paths for students that lead them to a viable career track that includes self-sufficiency, global leadership, and solid employability skills.

Our Purpose is to provide training, tools, and resources to prepare students for a Life After High School to ultimately incorporate a higher standard of living for themselves and their families.

Our Vision for our students who fully invest in this mission, is to complete their high school education, gain leadership and employability skills with employment experience, and adopt a sustainable career path.

Our Aim is young people who are not currently enrolled in a high school or GED program or who are currently enrolled in a Covenant House Academy and have senior status.

Our Angle in preparing our students for the world is to solicit employers and organizations, within the communities that the students reside, and satisfy their corporate responsibility to increase the number of employees who live, work, and attend school in those communities.

Our Approach, to compelling the community to get involved, is to cultivate relationships with these community partners in an effort to create a coalition that includes mentors, educators, and employers to address the issue of students who fail to thrive.

In addition to the Life After High School Program, we are currently seeking funds to match dollars we spend on our technology, online courses, software licensing, life skills programs, and training programs that lead to State Certification and employment.  

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