Employment and training

Employment and Training

CVS Health Assistant Management Training Program:

CVS Management Training Program

Facilitated by Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation in partnership with
Aspen Grant specialized training program for Covenant House Academy students
  • Central
  • Southwest
  • East

Program Criteria

Students who (preferred):
  • Near Perfect Attendance
  • No Behavior Issues
  • Satisfactory Course Completion and Consistency 
  • Detroit Resident
  • Low Income
  • Barriers and/or Risk Assessment Indicators

CVS Employment Program

  • CVS offers a young adult management training program to individuals, ages 16-24
  • Begins with internship 
  • Leads to Pairing with a CVS in the young adult's
  • Leads to Paid training at assigned CVS for 6 weeks in
    the summer (program ends for non-graduates)
  • Leads to CVS Apprenticeship program after high
    school graduation

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