Covenant House Academy Detroit has three (3) campuses in empowerment zones (impoverished zones) in the heart of Detroit.   Over 20% of our students are homeless and many of them have children.  We are proud to educate and provide life skills to our students whose ages range from 16 to 22 years of age.  We offer a high school diploma up to 26 years of age with an (IEP).  We are located in one of the hardest hit areas in the country for economic and social hardship.  We are reaching out to agencies who have skill based programs that will better prepare our population with the tools needed to thrive. We are also reaching out to community and business partners to assist us in preparing these young people to thrive and sustain themselves as citizens of Detroit!  School is hard enough on its own without having to worry about whether you’ll be in a safe environment or given the education you deserve. We, at Covenant House Academies, believe students should be focusing on their education and getting ready for the real world instead of just trying to survive. We partner with Covenant House Michigan which strictly provides the shelter for our homeless students.  We work side by side with Covenant House Michigan with each entity exercising their exempt status with the IRS.

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Covenant House Academy is an alternative charter school enrolling more than 1,000...

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